Standalone DVR 9 Channel - Perekam CCTV

DVR 9 channel AVT 776 untuk maksimal 9 kamera cctv, standalone DVR – merekam ke harddisk langsung tanpa komputer.

Fitur DVR 9 channel:
1. Wavelet Compression Format replaces Time Lapse VCR + 9 CH multiplexer
2. Standalone dvr design
3. 4 Level video quality adjustable: Best / High / Normal / Basic
4 Support 9 Channels Multiplexing function
5. 9 Channels are swappable and each channel has independent title generator
6. Motion trigger recording function and it uses 15X12 target (NTSC) or 15X14
target (PAL) motion detection grids for each video channel
7. Standalone dvr 4 Channel alarm inputs, one alarm output and ALARM display
8. Video loss detected in Each channel can record up to 160 events
9. Power-loss memory function
10.Support 1 removable HDD, IDE type (over 200 GB)
11.Quick Multiple Search by date / time, alarm, motion and full list
12.Security password protection
13.RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocol

DVR 9 channel (AVT 776)

Harga Rp 2.150.000
Garansi 1 tahun
berat pengiriman 6 kg

Jika Anda mempunyai komputer dan tidak ingin membeli standalone dvr yang mahal, bisa memakai usb dvr.

Anda berminat? klik untuk membeli.

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